About Cool Kids Like To Code

Cool Kids Like to Code is about learning the skills needed to succeed and have a healthy career in our new technological society and at the same time teaching your children these skills.

There is a strong movement right now in the U.S. to teach kids computer coding and programming languages. This is great but it’s an unbalanced approach.

Teaching the next generation of children coding languages and computational thinking is great for technical companies that will need a lot of people with these skills but it will also drive computer programming and coding pay down. These jobs will become the new lower paying positions of the future as more and more people acquire technical skills.

Steve Jobs once said;

“It is in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough—its technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”~ Steve Jobs

Billionaire Mark Cuban said;

“I personally think there’s going to be a greater demand in 10 years for liberal arts majors than there were for programming majors and maybe even engineering, because when the data is all being spit out for you, options are being spit out for you, you need a different perspective in order to have a different view of the data. And so having someone who is more of a freer thinker.”

Cool Kids Like to Code is all about balancing the technical computational thinking part of the mind with the creative and artistic part of the mind.

Schools adding coding and computer science classes is great but cutting art and music classes leads to an unhealthy unbalance.

Computer coding languages should be looked at as creative, artistic tools that an adult and child can use to create and express themselves with using their computer. Some people will want to get a job using their new skills to learn more and advanced themselves and this is great, while other people will want to create things that solve problems in the world or are of value to a company.

Why not learn some new skills with your child or children and bond with them? All the resources I’m going to share with you are written or developed for kids. This is great because a technical subject like coding and a computer language are presented simply and easy to follow so that a child will understand them and an adult as well.

I’m going to add a lot of great motivating stories of successful creative adults and kids that have used their coding and creativity skills to change their lives and the lives of others.

I’m also going to share all the resources I’ve found with you, so that you can do this yourself and teach your children how to do it.

You have come to a website that can change your future and your children’s future. Some of you and some of your children, will not only change your life but the lives of many people around the world as well with your new skills and creativity.